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finest oriental Hereke silk rugs

Welcome to the Home of the World’s Finest Silk Rugs

Sirinian stands for exceptional Hereke silk rugs. Hereke has been one of the leading centers for weaving silk rugs. Since 19th century, Sirinian rugs have been?owned by?royal families. Some of our rugs,?which are woven by our legendary masterweaver Penyaminyan, were?displayed in world’s leading museums.

Sirinian?rugs are woven by?the famous and selected weavers located in Hereke, the home of the?finest Turkish Hereke silk rugs. We manufacture world’s finest silk oriental rugs.?Sirinian’s weaving workshops have been known historically the best in weaving practice. We own a great heritage of unique designs of Hereke silk rugs.

You can?see?one of our exceptional Hereke silk rugs?with 400 knots per cm2 knot density?or ?a unique Hereke silk rug design of ours originated back in 1910.

If you are looking for a Hereke silk rug contact with us to reach finest silk rugs in the world. We also weave custom 100% silk rugs. For more information please contact us.

Shop 100% silk Hereke rugs online. Our online store offers secure shopping with PayPal and brings the world’s finest Hereke silk rugs under your fingertips. Sirinian rugs have lifetime warranty and your online rug purchases are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Any piece can be returned in 60 days after purchase. Please review our buyer protection plan and return policy for details.

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